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Phillip Saunders is a Jamaican born, multidisciplinary artist who works with charcoal, oil, acrylic and aerosol paint. his street art murals aim to bring communities together through portraiture with wonderful compositions of bold and bright colors. His work uses the human face as a means to communicate, relate and connect to his audience. Phillip uses color and abstract patterns to further connect with the viewer’s emotions; the goal of his work is to instill a positive mood, so to remind the viewer of the beauty of their own humanness. Phillip’s larger than life portrait murals seem to take on a life of their own as they are painted intricately using aerosol paint, and possesses a mosaic like aesthetic appeal.
In contrast to his oil, acrylic and street art paintings his work differs in aesthetic and technique but not so much in subject matter. Phillip’s canvas work is primarily focused on the human figure, with a keen interest in the aspects of classical realism; his figures are often set in mystic landscapes of Biblical times. Although, his work varies from canvas to public walls, and may not have the same aesthetic consistencies, his paintings are still linked through reoccurring spiritual overtones.
For the past 3 years, Phillip’s personal work has been exploring the realms of ancient Hebraic cultures in hopes of connecting the link of lost culture in western blacks. The work attempts to bond the past and present through figurative expressions nuanced in Israelite culture; his work seeks out to reveal this cultural connection through exploration of ancient people, places, and beliefs of the Bible.






· 2013 MURAL ROUTES, fundamentals of mural making –AGO- Scarborough, ON


· 2019- FEB- illuminate, 40 king St. W/ miller Thomson- NIA centre, Toronto, ontario

· 2018- NOV-Burnt Umber, 1684 queen St. west Margin of Eras Gallery, Toronto, ontario

· 2018- SEPT- Critical mass, 358 Gordon St. Art Gallery of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

· 2018- SEPT- home away from home, Augusta Ave Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario

· 2017- Those Who Dance, 277 Augusta/ White House Studio Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

· 2017- The Artist Experience, 890 St Clair west/ Blank Canvas Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

· 2016-Night Glow Fabric, 187 Augusta Ave/ Will’s galley, Toronto, Ontario

· 2015- Illuminated, 404 Queen St East/ 416 Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

· 2015- Animal Human Hybrid, –Solo- Rhodes Ave & Gerrard St East/ Flying Pony Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

· 2014- Conscious Contempo, 442 Dufferin St / Brockton collective, Toronto, ON

· curated by Phillip Saunders -artists: Tim Hunter, Malcolm Yarde,

Jocelyn Kerns, Roberto Leon

· 2014- Art Last, 442 Dufferin St / Brockton Collective, Toronto, ON

· Mural project Kensington Market, Spiritual Awakening, Toronto, ON

· 2014- August - 416 Gallery’s Grand Opening Group Show, Toronto, ON

· 2014- October - Toronto Grillz ending party - Group Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON

· 2014- TAVES - Brockton Collective - Live painting – Sheraton Hotel, Toronto, ON

· 2013- Toronto, ON

January 19th - Daniels Spectrum Regent Park Arts, ART Fusion, Toronto, ON

· February - Daniels Spectrum Regent Park Arts, 585 Dundas St East/ Black History Month, Toronto, ON

Curated by Elle Alconcel

· February - Balance Expressions, 782 Dundas St west/ Hashtag Gallary, Toronto, ON

curated by Jimmy Chiale

· March – Let It Burn, 782 Dundas St west/ Hashtag Gallery, Toronto, ON

curated by Jimmy Chiale

· July - Daniels Spectrum Regent Park Arts, 585 Dundas St East Nelson/ Mandela Tribute

· Moniker Gallery « Muse » curated by Daniel Anaka

· September - Shaw Bar & Gallery artists: Takenori Kikuta, Phillip Saunders

· 2011

- Oshawa, On. Street Art Group Show, Black Pony Gallery

· 2010 – Florida, US

August 23rd - Miami, FL / Hollywood Art Walk

· October 31st - Hialeah, FL /Art Extravagenza

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